New Music in the Station

Paul, our station manager for WWPV has been working hard on improving the station this summer. The Westport Public Library, in Westport, Connecticut holds a large book sale each summer. This past weekend was the 26th annual summer book sale by Westport. This year’s featured more than 70,000 deeply discounted items in over 70 categories from A-Z. Paul reached out to Westport Public Library last week in hopes of getting donations, specifically media for library like CDs and Vinyl LPs. At the end of sale, leftover books are made available to multiple organizations, including preschools, schools with limited book budgets, special care homes for children, juvenile detention centers, women’s shelters, domestic violence shelters and prisons. Books have also been collected and sent to Africa, India, and the Philippines by concerned citizens. Any remaining books are recycled into paper. As it turns out, the Library was able to donate many records and CDs to WWPV, ranging from all different genres which will be able to be used by many DJs this fall and for many years to come. A big thank you to Westport Library for their generous donation. All of us at the station really appreciate it!

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