Group Project – Yonge Street

A song for college students by college students!! Yonge Street by Group Project, is an upbeat electronic and pop song with some heavy elements of rock that make it just an awesome song for any party mix! This song makes me want to take the bus to downtown Burly and hit the bars with the boys. It will be one of the first songs you will hear on my next radio show, Cruise n’ Tunes this fall!

Group Project is a band from Montreal, Canada. Which is only a couple hours drive from St. Mikes! They are three kids that are still in school and their music is “aimed mainly at students & people like us who like to party!”

Yonge Street is Group Project’s third officially released single. The song is meant to show listeners what lies beyond the musicality of the young pop band. The lyrics are party-themed with a little twist that leads the audience to question true friendship as opposed to ingenuine ones. The song is meant to get people on their feet, and the band has taken a more upbeat turn from the mood of their most popular single – Priest. One of the best things about this band other than the music is their motto, “Group Project plans to keep releasing music as long as people are listening, with hopes of performing in the near future.”

Click here to listen to Yonge Street!!!

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