Group Project – Yonge Street

A song for college students by college students!! Yonge Street by Group Project, is an upbeat electronic and pop song with some heavy elements of rock that make it just an awesome song for any party mix! This song makes me want to take the bus to downtown Burly and hit the bars with the boys. It will be one of the first songs you will hear on my next radio show, Cruise n’ Tunes this fall!

Group Project is a band from Montreal, Canada. Which is only a couple hours drive from St. Mikes! They are three kids that are still in school and their music is “aimed mainly at students & people like us who like to party!”

Yonge Street is Group Project’s third officially released single. The song is meant to show listeners what lies beyond the musicality of the young pop band. The lyrics are party-themed with a little twist that leads the audience to question true friendship as opposed to ingenuine ones. The song is meant to get people on their feet, and the band has taken a more upbeat turn from the mood of their most popular single – Priest. One of the best things about this band other than the music is their motto, “Group Project plans to keep releasing music as long as people are listening, with hopes of performing in the near future.”

Click here to listen to Yonge Street!!!

LEYYA – Wannabe

It’s the one song you’ll need for the rest of the summer, perfect for every activity! This could be one of the summer’s top hits in 2018. ‘Wannabe’ has a wonderful way about it that makes you want to just go to the beach and dance the night away! Not only is the song great, but their music video blew me away! They did a great job of contrasting colors making the video visually pleasing. I love the part when the artists wink to the tune of the music.

LEYYA’s latest single “Wannabe” kicks off with delicate atmospheres and Sophie’s unwinding, yet lively vocal delivery against playfully agile beats and bubbling synthesizers before erupting into high-spirited animation, and ocean-deep self reflection. Repeating the decorative phrase, I wanna be like you wanna be like me, we dive into the minds and psyche of the duos ability to spark and astonish.

Leyya says, “After releasing our Second Album ‘Sauna’ we tried to avoid the Post-Release-down with being creative and writing new music straight away. The song is circling around a problem almost everyone can relate to: Wanting to be like somebody else. Ironically we find – its often also the other way around.”

New Music in the Station

Paul, our station manager for WWPV has been working hard on improving the station this summer. The Westport Public Library, in Westport, Connecticut holds a large book sale each summer. This past weekend was the 26th annual summer book sale by Westport. This year’s featured more than 70,000 deeply discounted items in over 70 categories from A-Z. Paul reached out to Westport Public Library last week in hopes of getting donations, specifically media for library like CDs and Vinyl LPs. At the end of sale, leftover books are made available to multiple organizations, including preschools, schools with limited book budgets, special care homes for children, juvenile detention centers, women’s shelters, domestic violence shelters and prisons. Books have also been collected and sent to Africa, India, and the Philippines by concerned citizens. Any remaining books are recycled into paper. As it turns out, the Library was able to donate many records and CDs to WWPV, ranging from all different genres which will be able to be used by many DJs this fall and for many years to come. A big thank you to Westport Library for their generous donation. All of us at the station really appreciate it!


The band LIKE ELEPHANTS released their first single “Video Game” from their upcoming album today. With “Video Game” the dream pop-band LIKE ELEPHANTS presents the first forerunner for their second album “Kaleidoscope“,” which will be released in September 2018.

The song – produced by Christofer Frank – creates an interplay between diffused fantasy and the real world. In the music video, the band is caught in a virtual space of flickering screens and bright colors. The bright light is both seductive and deceptive. It is comparable to Midnight City by M83. The kind of song you can play while studying or partying. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album this fall.

Click here to watch the music video

The Princeton Review

We are ranked 8th best college radio station in 2018 by The Princeton Review



What a wonderful honor to be considered one of the best college radio stations in the nation. Our station has been around for years and will continue to serve Saint Michael’s College students and the local communities of Colchester and Burlington. We strive to do well in all that we do and in continuation of that mantra, expect big things this year from the new e-board. We look forward to welcoming all of our new DJs this fall, freshmen, hope you are ready to rock n’ roll!





Meet the Executive Board: Jason Drapinski (’18)

Hey everyone! My name is Jason (he/him/his) and I’m the Music Director here at WWPV. I’m in my final year at Saint Mike’s and I’m majoring in International Relations and minoring in Spanish and Environmental Studies. I’m originally from Malden, MA which is a super culturally diverse suburb just outside Boston.


As Music Director, I manage the “sound” of WWPV. Even though we allow DJs to play almost any genre of music during their shows, my job is to curate our collection of CDs and tracks that are available to our DJs for airtime. I spent a lot of the first semester this year updating our collection by branching out to different record labels to see if they’d be interested in getting airtime at WWPV. I would love to see this continue under the reigns of a new Music Director next year. This year has been a great year for WWPV, we’ve been much more active in the Burlington community and I’m excited to see what the new executive does with this new momentum.


Meet the Executive Board: Marika Belamarich (’18)

Yo!! My name is Marika (she/her) and I’m the Public Relations Director at WWPV. I’m a senior from Newton, MA and I’m majoring in Media, Journalism, and Digital arts. Having a radio show has been one of my favorite parts of being a student here! I love music a lot and going to concerts is one of my favorite activities! In addition to this, I do a lot of photography and love capturing artists and musicians.

Some of my duties as Public Relations Director include designing flyers, tweeting out showtimes, and keeping an eye on all of the WWPV social media accounts. Sadly, I’m graduating this spring and we will need a new PR Director to join the WWPV team!


Meet the Executive Board: Paul Stumpf (’19)

Hello, everyone, I’m Paul, your Public Service Announcement/News Director! I’m a physics major. When I am not on the air you can find me on campus either with the Society of Physics Students or Men’s Rugby.


As the News & PSAs director, it is my job to keep track of everything unrelated to music that is put on the air. Which includes managing and updating the public service announcements and legal ids. I also put together the schedule of events going on campus and around Burlington for DJs to use during their shows. If you want to have your events added to the news binder, all you have to do is ask, my email is


The Spotify playlist below is filled with some of my favorite songs. A few are quite new but don’t worry there are some classics too. Either way, you should give them a listen cause you’ll never know if you like it until you give it a shot. 


Meet the Executive Board: Matthew DeJoy (’20)

My name is Matt and I am the programming director here at WWPV. I am a Sophomore from Albany New York and I am currently in the environmental studies with a focus on science and policy. I am a rock climber and snowboarder, I play the guitar and during the summer I work in landscaping.

As the programming director, my job is to create the bi-yearly DJ schedule and to be the primary connection between the WWPV staff and the DJs and training new DJs (which each staff member must do). This is my third semester having a radio show, and my first as part of the Exec board so I’m looking forward to working with all the new staff members that will be joining us in the coming year!