Paul Stumpf

Hello, I’m Paul, the station manager for WWPV! I’m a physics major. When I am not on the air you can find me on campus either with the Society of Physics Students or on the field with the Men’s Rugby team. I also work at the makerspace on the first floor of Dion!

As station manager, I act as the head executive of the station. This means that I assemble the E-board, run meetings, communicate with the Student Association, and make sure everything in the station is running smoothly (bills are paid, DJs are scheduled, etc.)

Favorite thing about WWPV or being on the radio: Radio is an outlet which can give students a voice, every student has an opportunity to be a DJ and every DJ has the power to change the world. Our programing is freeform, which is organized by the DJs. Each DJ bring a unique and creative way to communicate to not just to their friends in the dorm room, but to an entire community of Vermont. This is a place on campus where students are able to be themselves and share it with others. It is not just a one way communication either, many people call up to request songs or give their opinion on what students are talking about during their shows. College radio is the first place artists are able to get their music played, and noticed by the music industry. Bands around the world have sent us their music in hopes of it being played on WWPV.  

Band or Album currently like or listening to: Crystal Clear and Group Project are two of my favorite bands which are college students driven by their love of music to do what they love!

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